Intercultural coaching

Cross-cultural Coaching
Project-related self-reflection

Your objectives:

  • Identify your “drive” to achieve your goal
  • Identify and acknowledge your own resources and apply them
  • Enhance self-reflection, resilience and peer support
  • Discover new ways of thinking
  • Understand international styles when dealing with the unexpected or unknown

Our Business Coaching

Based on the globally approved „Co-Active” Coaching Curriculum of CTI which is accredited by the world coaching body International Coach Federation (ICF), we coach you in your international role as a decision maker, expert or leader.

We are considering your project-related challenges within your specific intercultural business case, dealing with foreign colleagues, customers, business partners, media as well as in your work location and communication processes.

As sparrings partner we are giving you feedback and inspire you to apply your present potential and resources right away. We work out the relevant cultural differences and irritations and put them in new perspectives. We primarily consider the repercussions within the four areas (businesslike, socially, geographically and timed).

Our solutions:

  • Enlighten your personal power and business case by designing a panorama of interests
  • Pertinent question techniques leading to successful solutions in cross-cultural business cases
  • Managing your decision-making process when dealing with the unexpected and unknown
  • Mapping culture-bound disturbances and put them in new perspectives of action
  • To dissolve invisible obstacles
  • To inspire you to your next step action plan
  • To hold you in your “best” international role