Communicate across cultures

Communicating and integrating across cultures
to build trust and enhance cross-cultural leadership

Your objectives:

  • Understand your target groups from diverse cultural areas and align your corporate communication effectively
  • Allocate your corporate presentation positively in foreign markets
  • Lead mixed teams across international and cultural boundaries
  • Enhance your business relations and communication
  • Engage and integrate international experienced experts and leaders in your business

Our proposal:

We clarify your objectives as a decision-maker in the inter-cultural business, so that you are perceived more effectively and efficiently.

We check the impact on your national and global public and press relations. Based on that analysis, we propose tailor-made concepts and solutions.

Reputation is measurable: You will discover different ways how to achieve a more measurable and positive reputation, internally, externally in the media and in your relevant community.

When dealing with complexity of issues within your intercultural business case, we will offer you a stakeholder-mapping. We distinguish the different cultures, interests, attitudes, working methods, roles, your target groups and expectations etc.. As a result we identify the commonalities and significant differences to work on.

We are also geared to the models of culture dimensions by Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner.

In making your team more productive, we support you with the cross-culturally sensitive instrument International Trust in Teams Indicator - ITTI by measuring and building higher levels of trust.

Our solutions:

  • Strengthen your global leadership
  • Facilitate your cooperation with international stakeholders
  • Acknowledge your energy and success factors and finding ways to apply them
  • Gain knowledge about your values and how to deduce your goals and a strategic plan for action
  • Broaden your intercultural communication skills