Trust is multifaceted. On the one hand it is in our genes, on the other it associates companies, people and is the driver of politics and economy.

We believe that trust is an essential component of teamwork and of effective leadership on all levels. While trust has a different meaning in each culture, it is the basis for cross-cultural co-operation and intercultural management – the more trust the more success.

We stand for qualified, appreciative and holistic work with our clients and customers. We count on trust and consistent accomplishment.

Open and with enthusiasm we are handling critical issues. We are accountable for receiving a win-win for all participants in a given project.

Professional ethics

I am bound to professional discretion. In addition I agree upon implementing the core competencies of ICF in the professional field. I follow the ICF Ethic Code.

I am always fascinated by the diversity of solution approaches and as a result by achieving a common goal within the intercultural business case.

„Trust is a retreat of the heart, which will never be achieved by the caravan of thinking.“ Khalil Gibran